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300 (PG edit)
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dramatic chipmunk
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game over
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my lovely horse
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tabletop computing
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women in art
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cage's got a secret
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pearl the landlord
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thou shalt always kill
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tyger tyger
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the real estate rollercoaster
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the mediaeval helpdesk
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let it all out
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dollar power
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the incredible mouth band
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pleo the dinosaur
commercial suicide
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what we need more of is science
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the machine is us/ing us
ride the tiger
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jan pehechan-ho
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kitchen diaries
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in my language
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man, the tool (re)user
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Seinfeld goes to OZ
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charlie the unicorn goes to candy mountain
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witness! the amazing feats of daniel chesterfield!
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burning elmo
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red rocket's glare
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"space is very big.
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kodiak v kobayashi
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the skiing mini
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the parlour
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scary mary
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the sun's gone dim and the sky's gone black
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this is guiding you home
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bond is back. again and again
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"ringtones are all annoying". genius
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get your kicks
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jagged peak adventure
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first contact
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do the batman part ii: the batusi
an explosion in a paint factory
links for 2006-10-18
and i, for one, salute our new robot overlords
links for 2006-10-17
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links for 2006-10-15
least-appropriately named eyewitness in the history of television
who wants to pwn a millionaire?
the race
adicolor pink
do the batman
links for 2006-10-10
life imitates overcompensating
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the number one song in heaven
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little superstar
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simmer well
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in a world where DEATH can make you DEAD
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jamie lidell goes off the map
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stephen wiltshire: the human camera
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crab legs
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pop song
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fast hands
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claire de lune
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trek will survive
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the many moods of dubya
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best. video. ever.
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the snow white project
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sausage roll
what happens when a truck falls on your car?
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Bubbling Belugas
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Clair de lune
Squirrel photography
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BBC News 24 reinvents Cabbie's Corner ... by accident
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Say hello, wave goodbye
Branding the candidates
Across America in four minutes
The God FAQ
How Ali G gets his guests
Better than batteries
Heidi Taillefer
Persons of Interest
Frankenbites and Pelcos: the vocabulary of reality TV
Virtual schizophrenia
The truth about that underground cinema
London noise map
Should I rip this?
The (disappointing) truth about that SETI signal
Exoplanet snapped
2004's best crop circles
4000 words on "How To Write An Essay"
Transformers comic "predicts" 9/11
Underground cinema
Blind Man's Beauty returns
SETI picks up ... something
Music of the Quantum
And it STILL doesn't get to Barnehurst
Muzakal messages
Super-Earth discovered
Scientists' favourite SF
The elusive Mr Pipes
Will China get old before it gets rich?
Cutaway ships
The economy of antibiotics
Now that's some bridge
Geographical Tube map
Media paradox
London's New River
The network of high-school dating
Cluster ballooning
Making phone calls visible
Lightspeed simulator
Why moving your capital city is a bad idea
Water tower revitalized
Al-Qaeda's target
Doping in sport
If Microsoft owned Nintendo
120 Years of Electronic Music
If London Were Like Venice
Should New York secede?
Is there life on Earth?
Space is a place
Earth vanishing from radar
Solar sail deployed
Sheep beat cattle grids
Bone devourers
Los Alamos shutdown jeopardises Pluto mission
Stars from Apollo
Truthful album titles
Hollywood history
Hyote captured, turns out to be mangy fox
A complete chronology of the Gerry Anderson universe
Action Heroes
Transparent storage
Crypto Thursday 3: Chupacabra
Crypto Thursday 2: Thunderbird
Crypto Thursday 1: Hogzilla
Tall Buildings @ MoMA
The gravity drug
Transportation futuristics
You Have Bad Taste In Music
Fucking leeches
If physics were your girlfriend
$40K will buy you a Kitt car
The median is not the message
Pirate flags
Slow Art
Amazing optical illusions
The sound of Saturn's rings
Really old jokes
Dictator, Me?
Cars versus power lines
Backup shuttle landing sites
Interplanetary RSS
Fizzy fruit
Flowchart heaven
Fear of Physics
Automatic Circumcision
The asteroids of Tau Ceti
The Tube in 2016
Barbie's going bust
Poetic forms
Flip a coin
The truth about the Golden Ratio
Freezing the money pit
Ronald Reagan, RIP
Everest climbers killed by sky "falling"
Nigerian astronaut wins spam award
Cold-water coral
Pain ray
Get your tits out
A blue plaque for Turing
The Atlanteans: Spanish Sea People?
Prince's heart gets belated burial
A map of Springfield
The way the music died
The first thing we do
Inside the world of British charity
To go with the Roomba
Old London, New Troy?
How to make friends on the telephone
Woman dies of Ebola - in Siberia
Hacking Area 51
Psychohistory becomes reality
(Yet) another moon
"Collided in-flight with another object"
Emotional Bonding with Space Probes
Godzilla the Bomb
THX Director's cut
The world's largest guns
Anarchy in the street
Did a 'Verneshot' kill the dinosaurs?
Hitting the smite button
Tis better to earn than get lucky
The truth about Achilles
Molecular gastronomy, industrial style
Thunderbirds are ... you know the rest
Thinking faster
Revamping Superman
Life imitates The Simpsons
The Many Faces of Helen of Troy
Moveable Type XP
The roots of empathy
Stonehenges are proliferating
David Reimer, famous as "John/Joan", dies by his own hand
The horrible world of big tippers
Grails in implausible places
10 interpretations of a dead sparrow
Music to throw up by
The expansion of the universe places limits on information and technology
First picture of an extra-solar planet?
Cicadas' prime behavour
Soundtracking the V&A
A verbless novel
Unblacking blacked-out words
Molesworth is fifty
Want to start an airline?
The mystery of the masks
Cargo cult explodes into violent sectarianism
Slot Machinery
Caution, spoilers
The sound of silence
Barnes and Noble is proud to present Anton Chekhov
The future of booze
The memory bottleneck
Crime-fighting gorilla dies
Skin deep
Converging sexes
Flags rated
Giant squid aren't picky
Fire in the flesh
Inside the new MOMA
Barbie is more fertile
Ghost train
Confessions of a high-class cat burglar
Black is not the new black
Bottled animals
Ruined churches of London
Killer whales shouting over whale-watchers
Godzilla is The Bomb
Antarctica: the last refuge
Dinosaur fun
The very rich are different
White House censors womens' issues
Rasputin's penis goes on display
Bionicles may save Lego
Reconstructing the Forma Urbis Romae
Praying with your phone
The man who doesn't exist
Gin & tonic under threat
The mind of a fundamentalist
Robo cones
Peanuts. Always a bundle of laughs.
Why do women have orgasms?
Heads-up for your retina
Molecular gastronomy at home
CHiPs seeks Spiderman
Aircraft contrails from space
Liquid armour
Life imitates Videodrome
Dead astronauts, not dead soldiers
Hey Mickey, you're not fine
Big water
The limits of explanation
Peregrine Worsthorne defends the spirit of aristocracy
Russian criminal tattoos
Tactile txt
Overkill for scratchy vinyl
Boilerplated blog
The comics take casualties
Impact Calculator
The British Library opens its books
Extra-solar astronomy is coming on in leaps and bounds
The answer is in the question
Literary theory meets medicine
The inventor of bling
Girls learn faster than boys - even if they're chimps
If I were prime minister of India
Rock Around the World
Sedna's moon is missing
The two-faced Shroud
My chronotype is "mild owl"
Maglev trains aren't silent after all
American Power gets pulled
A walkthrough of Metropolis
Kanji tattoos: not what they seem
Happy Easter!
Raw like sushi
No off switch
Mapping science
Orbitz: the weirdest soft drink ever
Are superhero comics the literature of ethics?
Saint-Exupery's plane found
Bitching visual effects
Gourmet salt
QRIO conducts an orchestra
New Titan pics
What happened to Petrarch's head?
Can a computer prove a mathematical conjecture?
The terrible twos really are terrible
The Bipolar Toad
Molvania: A land untouched by modern dentistry
Eurabia and Exurbia
ID cards are back
Extraterrestrial contact on the cheap
American archetypes, old and new
Interview With A Fungus
The Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook
The Museum of Hoaxes 100 best April Fools
Will the Skylon rise again?
Mysteries of the universe revealed
Kuma\War goes live
The Truth about that bottled dragon
Apparent Oxymoron #2: Underwater wave
Sea balls
One for Kevin
Apparent Oxymoron #1: Curing hypochondria
Paul Dacre hates Alastair Campbell
I'm Catch-22
Theories of psi
The Onion on nanotechnology
How did zombies get so fast?
Scramjet success
What the hell is Goofy?
Colours and linguistic relativity
Phantom skyscrapers of London
Without prejudice: Are teachers whingers?
Space habitat pics
Methane on Mars
Giant robot is GO!
More about your inner zombie
One nation not under God
Won't somebody please think of the children?
Pripyat Ghost Town
The truth about that three-headed frog
Eternal sunshine
Philosophical counselling
An artificial heart ... powered through the head
The stone heads of Sulawesi
Getting closer to a real eyecam
Fuller and his dymaxion map
Nuke keys
The School of Cryptozoology
Rocking in Ancient India
The Amber Room
Beyond business class
The X and Y of it all
How to put a lobster into suspended animation
Towing icebergs - by kite
Fairy fakers
Inside the Noon factory
Play tag with your kids
Britain's best year
More I, Robot goodness
Linguists versus biologists
Bad Astronomy takes on Hoagland
Lego XXX
I, Robot trailer
Leonardo da Vinci's eco-friendly plastic
"Tenth planet" discovered
Fact meets fantasy: Vampire slayers
Spectacular pics from Martian rovers
Thankless task (III): Somali tourist minister
Making sense of the UK class system
Britney Spears meets Edward Ruscha
Higgs boson detected?
Rowan Williams on Philip Pullman
Heinlein's lost first novel
A million-second exposure, a thirteen billion year picture
Debunking psychiatry
Fossils on Mars
DARPA's menagerie
Did a giant squid kill the owner of this skull?
Thornborough triple henge under threat
Futuro: tomorrow's house, yesterday
Another Magic Roundabout
Koala katastrophe
Imaginary girlfriends
Trial Lawyers, Inc
The drowning of Tryweryn
Spooky SETI signal
Iyer on jet lag
How the Martians died out
It wasn't Mrs O'Leary's cow
Best pics of three-headed frog
Captain Euro
Exploding eggs
Tunnel advertising
A car designed by women
Robots look after Japan's elderly
Far Side cartoons made real
Holy shrimp fusion
Dear God no: Avril flashes
The burden of choice
How to play dead
Black holes: giant balls of string
Science? What science?
Thankless task (II): The loo-buster
Thankless task: The 419-buster
How to make a hamster coat
The mystery of the Roanoke colony may be coming to an end
Watery Mars
Save the Saturn V
Eugene "Defender" Jarvis is making an anti-terrorism videogame
Vegetarian gladiators
Uncomplementary medicine
The Seussentennial
Moving capital cities
The original Sword in the Stone
How to get a job in Antarctica
Attack of the crabs
The declining music industry: Exhibit 956
A billion-dollar shanty town
Fractal Invaders
The Martian playlist
No pain, no gain
Crash, the website
Dear God no
Why gamers don't find games offensive
The ultimate split of the second
Insanely detailed Lego Death Star
The Smurf made me do it
The Darmok Dictionary
Alternative regimes for sampling
Panspermia revisited: is the solar system surrounded by a vast disk of frozen microbes?
Near miss nearly missed
Why is this site grey today?
The U.S. Army is building Earth Two
Brits suffer from "mourning sickness" - think-tank
Instant supercomputing
"Vitalism" and Atkins
Macroscopic quantum effects found
b3ta has a solution to the eyegrow game
Man versus Rat in NYC
Andy Serwer explains my career
An explosion in a firework factory
Deeply unconvincing BBC report that txtpr0n passes the Turing Test
Massive planetoid found past Pluto
Spectacular supernova remnant
5,201 ways to say goodbye
Ike and the ETs
Smile Time
Freud got everything wrong. Apparently
Near beers
Feral family discovered in South Africa
Shock horror: White House distorts science
Proving God through logic
Dreaming of Scotland
"Brain fingerprinting" goes to court
NYT "reviews" Martian photos
Transforming robots
Games within games
A gallery of network images
M&Ms pack better than spheres
A new end to the universe
Baffling subliminals on Japanese TV
Scientists find remains of Beagle
The rise and rise of cynicism
A Diamond in the Sky
Titan might look "a bit like Sweden"
The Magic Roundabout
"Trailer" for new Coupland novel
Amphibious vehicles of the world
Teleporting electricity
William the Conqueror's exploding corpse
Water balloons in zero-g
Gender confusion
Remixing novels
Serial killer stalks Sao Paulo zoo
Scargill was right, apparently
No warm welcome for E.T.
Norah Jones is a fake
The three levels of pop
Secrets of photosynthesis revealed
Cosmetics companies talk rubbish - shock horror
A guide to Syldavian
Italy returns the Axum obelisk to Ethiopia
Cathedrals are "airports for God"
How the government outsmarted itself with the Hutton report - and why it matters
The singing monks of Bengal
Armando Ianucci on Yes Minister
It's in the eyes
How fanfiction helps kids to write
Arctic corpses provide flu clue
Eyesore of the month
The sixth sense revisited
Anyone willing and capable of doing this deserves a visa
How do pigeons find their way home?
Saxon king found in Southend
Are the Zelda games historical or mythical?
A geisha's obituary
Wind turbines hit a snag: bats
A buffet for whales
Reverse ventriloquism
Spirited debate over Cory Doctorow's second downloadable book
Using the vacuum energy for propulsion
The Conquest of Pestilence in New York City
Is Groundhog Day the most spiritual movie ever?
The last wilderness is under threat
Elements 113 and 115 make their debut
The questions Hutton should have asked
Conspiracy theory in the Age of Reason
What happens when you fake your way into a psych ward?
(Not) doing it for the kids
The trouble with molecular gastronomy
"Sixth state" of matter could help search for room-temperature superconductors
Simon Hoggart on show trials in Britistan
Enormous bunny saves owner
Giant dinosaurs need giant continents
Blimey, this is difficult
A (gasp!) interesting post about the relationship between journalism and blogging
Careless spelling costs dollars
Caution, low-flying aircraft
In Tarian, not quoting your source is ungrammatical
Islands in the clouds
Whale explodes in Taiwan
A plant that detects landmines
Clinton only sent two emails while in office
Rob Brydon's new show is about directors' commentaries
Nuclear weapons stuck together with sticky tape - official
Searching for Vulcanoids
Coke takes adverts off school vending machines. But the machines are staying.
Wild boar back in Britain
Digging for dinosaurs in Antarctica
Dragon found in garage
Where have you been?
Anorak paradise: The family tree of dance music
The "from memory" art of Emma Kay
Branding, from memory
Amazing trompe l'oeil street painting
How Osama could speak from the grave
Holidaying in hotelpods
Nintendo's giving away multiplayer Pacman
Labradoodle or dorgi?
"Supersolids" make their debut
Music industry continues to dig own grave. Hopefully
In the streets of Londonistan
Robots may make scientists redundant. Well, grad students anyway
The origin of cooties
Diamonds in the ... er ... dirt
Atkins diet helps gout makes a comeback
Hawking: fantasy
Hawking: "fact"
Cool timelapse movie of cometary flyby
Possibly the best comic ever
Can Spielberg help Tintin break America?
... which some of these people might do well to remember
... and the unfortunate reality
The theoretical virtues of small countries
The IRC Bible
The mathematics of literature
Alien alphabet generator
Your handwriting as a font
Pavement cinema for Calcutta's street kids
Neophiles may live longer
How To Deconstruct Almost Anything
Good news
The decline of fashion photography
And for split personalities
New evidence for repressed memories - both everyday and traumatic
The Arab contribution to civilisation
The military-industrial complex: alive and well
Tricky old game, archaeology
Woman sheds skin, lives to tell
Shark vs squid
Kilroy intro generator
A big year for space probes
The apes are fighting back
Why opera is hard to understand
Spirit lands in something mysterious
Thunderbirds finally looks like it did in my head (.mov)
Civet cat. Yum.
AS Byatt on fairy tales
Finding Mount Everest from space
Physics jokes
Imagine one of these going through your binbag
Making antibubbles in beer (includes recipe)
How to get lucky
Chinese gamer wins virtual property lawsuit
Gratifying list of honours refuseniks
Hooray for Beagle 2!
Global dimming
SpaceShipOne breaks the sound barrier
The Galaxy is still growing
New evidence says Voynich manuscript is a fake
Artificial intelligence: LOTR soldiers run away in the face of battle
Fascinating Economist survey of food
Now that's what I call dead-tree media
Diary of an astrobiologist
The Best of 2003, in exhaustive detail
Floating dinosaurs
"We are all nerds now". Except the geeks
Next-gen hanky code
Hounslow - boo!
Hounslow - yay!
Good local news site
More creative PicassoHeads (via kottke)
Amazing Moon-Mars picture
My Mr Picassohead
A chain of holes
The North Pole is melting
The Scream's red sky explained
The Onion's Least Essential Albums of 2003
Unnecessarily truthful careers advice
Space Invaders return
The Golden Bough and Tony Blair
Theoretically perfect techno
Which 20th century philosopher are you?
That Bladerunner zoom thing is getting more plausible: Exhibit 2
That Bladerunner zoom thing is getting more plausible: Exhibit 1
Scurvy: Not a disease, a lifetyle
Disney family trees
Spy kids
Britney sez: Here be dragons
The Victorian Internet (belatedly)
The Medium is the Massage. Or is it?
Romance 2.0
This principled refusal thing is catching on
Godzilla's biology
Metal frost on Venus
Rehab for elephants
The Cemetary of the Fallen Enemy
The man who explained the Hulk
Online flea-marketry
Blogging the freeway
Pvt. Lynch's story no match for historical 'captivity narratives'
Conspiracy buff says Earhart survived
Anything's less shameful than spamming
Hooray for Hari!
Opus the Penguin is coming back!
Can nobody stop these people?
Burying greenhouse gas
Herd Morality
DVD excess
Piers Morgan (!) is worried about the national obsession with celebrities
Mystery particle discovered
Quayle Quote Quorner
Human chimera discovered
Why we like rare things
I am Usenet, apparently
Anton Maiden, RIP
Michael Howard: A Gift To Sketchwriters
Big science questions
What The Butler Saw
Rabbit vision
McJobbing it
Mobile jam
Memento mori
Slate nails the Matrix
What porn does to men