If you'd like to leave your own tribute to Kathryn, please contact Sumit.

From Mandy Middleton Lund

I lived on the street below Kathryn's house and was friends with her and her sister Marion when we were at Myers Grove school- around 1982- 86. Sarah Bower was also a good friend of ours and I believe that she came to the memorial for Kathryn. I heard about her illness from my father who still lives on Low Road and was sorry to hear of her illness especially as I myself came very close to a similar experience.
I remember when I got my new raleigh bike. Kathryn and Marion also got the same bike but in a different colour. We must have been about 12 or 13 years old. My bike was green and I called it "Ivy". Kathryn's was cream and she called her's "Mushroom". Its funny the things you remember. I have some good memories of the times I spent at Kathryn's house. It was perfect for hide and seek with its hidden attic rooms and steep staircases. Her Dad bought 2 habitat red metal tube chairs with hessian backs and I thought they were so modern and cool, and then they got a computer with an atari type tennis game which was really basic ("beeped"!) but seemed so advanced with kids in the 80's.
I'm sat here in London typing this message and it feels very strange to be thinking of Kathryn after all these years, and especially having gone through something so similar to her and being close childhood friends. Its been a long time since I thought of Kathryn Oates but it wont be long before I think of her again. I hope this message makes you smile.
With love
Mandy x

From Frazer Snowdon

I never knew Kathryn, but I saw the article in the Sheffield Star and wanted to know more.

She seems like a wonderful person, and you all have my sympathies.

Gone, not forgotten...


From john oconnell

I just caught the article in the Star, very shocking and I am deeply saddened. I noticed the photo first, Kathryn didn't change since being at school.
I didn't know kathryn to well and havent seen her for the last nearly 20 years, since school.
A few memories spring to mind, that helped to teach me tolerance, the amount of hammer she got in school along with Lindsay, just for being 'Goths' was ludicrous. They both say they just shrugged it off. Also remember walking round the garden at her parents home one lunch time from school and discussing that she would like to bath only in rain water.
As I say, I didnt know here that well, but I certainly will not ever forget...

From Leah Waterworth

I have only learned today (12th July), from Claire Hyde, of Kathryn's passing and am deeply saddened by the loss of such a vibrant and young woman. I worked with Kathryn at Elthorne Park High School before I came back to live in Australia and I really enjoyed spending the odd lunch hour nattering with her. Her interest in travel, her style, and her creativity were compelling and these have been breathtakingly captured in Sumit's online photo collection. I don't think I've known anyone to have worn so many gorgeous outfits as Kathryn! Sumit, I think we met only once but my deepest sympathies are with you at this time... and thank you for a website which allowed me to remember Kathryn in such a beautiful way.

From Carole McNab

Unfortunately I only got to know Kathryn through her illness but quickly realised that she was all too ready to help others in the same/similar situation.
I m saddened to know that she is lost to her family but I m sure they have amazing memories of her.

From Kay Crookes (nee Hill)

I was brought up in Stannington and went to school with Marion, Kathryn's sister. I was shocked and saddened to see the article in the Sheffield Star. I didn't know Kathryn well but remember hanging out at their house with Marion. The website is a lovely idea for keeping her memory alive.

From Brenda Smith

Such a beautiful bright light dimmed before her time. Her memory will live on, and serve as inspiration.

From David Musgrave

Sumit, our hearts go out to you.

May you find peace in the memories of the good times you and Kathryn had.

Very best wishes,


From Shirley

I have never met Kathryn except by sharing the same disease and reading about her on the ovarian cancer list. I truly enjoyed the slide show of her life travels and after reading Sumit's tribute to Kathryn regret that I never met this remarkable unique woman. Sumit's love and admiration for Kathryn is evident in his tribute. With great sympathy to Sumit and her family on their loss.
Shirley Inveen

From Joyce Arciuolo R.N.

My heart goes out to the family of young Kathryn.
Someday a CURE will be found!
Another ANGEL watching us all!!!

From Helen

To Kathryn's family and friends.....
I've exchanged messages with Kathryn on the Forum, and was shocked to hear of her sudden passing. It's such a tragedy for one so young.
Kathryn has left her mark with many of us, who got to know her through this terrible illness.
She will never been forgotten, and will live on in our memories.
Thinking of you all at this very sad time.
With warm thoughts...Helen....Australia.

From Pat Cooper

My heart goes out to the family of this lovely, young woman who barely had a chance to taste of life. It's a terrible pity that she had to spend so much of her time fighting such a nasty disease. I will look to the Heavens to see the newest star that is shining there, by the name of Kathryn. Tender Hugs to Kathryn's Family & Friends. Pat Cooper of Millersville, Maryland USA

From Barbara Wick

While I never knew Kathryn, I have benefitted from what has been written on the ACOR ListServ. Like Kathryn, I have undertaken this journey and am deeply moved by the quality of her journey.

Your tribute, Sumit, is wonderful and inspiring. It seems so utterly unfair to have lost Kathryn; so many of us have grown by what you have shared.

Thank you and peace be with you.

Barbara Wick,
Northfield, IL

From Gwen Harding-Peets

What a beautiful tribute! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of Kathryn along with your narrative. As one who only knew of her on the ACOR Ovarian listserve, it is very comforting to see her in a light other than one just defined by cancer. It is clear from the pictures that you two lived a full life in the short time you had together (and that you are a very good portrait photographer). I will miss Kathrynís posts on the ACOR Ovarian listserve.

May you find peace in embracing your memories of Kathryn.


From Suzanne Bateman

Kathryn grew up just down the road from Angela (Jeffcock) and I in a big old house which we thought was haunted because we'd once seen a light go on and off in the attic room when no-one was there (however, we also thought our dinner lady was a robot as we'd seen her winding herself up with her ear...) - it IS strange what you remember. At school Kathryn was the envy of everyone in her art class because of the fantastic and surreal paintings she would whip up at the drop of a hat, whilst the rest of us could only produce something mediocre. I also remember the rumour of her (& Lindsay) nicking the blackout curtains in the dark room to make Goth coats out of. I always thought that was really cool as Mr Wright, the Deputy Head, drove himself mad trying to prove that they had - ha ha. She was a lovely person, with a great spirit, who never said a bad word about anyone
How unbelievably sad that she isn't here anymore, but as you say Joyce Arciolo - another ANGEL is watching over us. Love Suzanne XXX

From Rupa Paul Choudhury

Dear Bubai,
A truly beautiful tribute.Along with the pictures you have posted, they give an idea of the very vibrancy and passion that you speak about in your tribute. Though we are so far away our thoughts are with you. God bless and peace be with you.

From Mary Barron

What a beautiful memorial you have created for your lovely wife. You have built for her a Taj Mahal out of pictures and words! She would be so pleased and proud of your show of devotion. It is a testament to a life well worth having been lived in spite of its premature ending.

May peace be with you in your journey.

Mary Barron from New Mexico,
ACOR list sister,
P.S. My husband and I were married in Aztec, NM (where one of your pictures was taken)

From kirsty

ms.oates was a safe teacher and always had a comment or advice when needed she is really being missed now!

From lloyd pierre

I am a student from kathryns form 9ko at Northolt high school. She was our favourite form tutor and everyone loved her. When she first came to our form she was treated badly but as time went past we grew to love her. No one in the class really understood her illness and it took some time for me to figure out how bad it was. When she came to visit us after her treatment she looked well and in no pain but she soon had to leave. no one could believe that she passed away and hearts were torn when we found out. she will never be forgotton in my heart or in anyone elses.R.I.P Mrs Oates

From James Clancy

Mis Oates was a brave and brillient teacher. she could be stricked if she had to but that rarly eva happoned. W know that mis Oates is gone but no one in her form class will never forget her. Her spirat will live on. All our class done well in form of the year.It was all in loving memry of Mis Kathryn Oates.
Gone but deafently never fogoten.

From victoria atherfold

hi its vicki from her form class ms oates was a great form tutor and me and the rest of the class will miss her and never forget her she was my favourite teacher in the whole school i could tell her anything and i will miss her loadz

R.I.P ms oates xXxXxXx

From lisa

kathryn was my teacher at school and when i herd the news i was devestated. i dont think it has really sunk in yet and i dont think it ever will. i will remember her for ever and i think this web site was a wonderful idea.

From chloe williams

ms oates was my form tutor at school, when she first came to the school i always used 2 be horrible to her and never gave her a chance to she me how nice she actually was, when i saw how nice she was i thought in my head "why was i always horrible to her" and when i heard the news my heart broke in 2 peices i was so shocked now i still think to my self i wish i was never horrible to her.

r.i.p ms oates im gonna miss u xxxx

sumit i think you are a very brave man you have coped very well with what has gone on my thoughts will always be with you loads of love chloe (northolt high school student)x x x

From Dion Rushe

I was in Ms Oates' form at Northolt High. FORM OF THE YEAR! WE DID IT FOR MS OATES! Where do I start.... a wonderful teacher. She always put people in their place and didn't take any rubbish from anybody. I was one of her favourites though! I also had her as a DT teacher. She was always saying how Art is the second best subject after DT. I remember when she helped me make my buzzwire game, I think of her everytime I look at it in my room. One of my most fond memories was of the Easter party last year. Zak and I decided to do a mad dance around the classroom and Ms Oates was nearly on the floor because she was laughing so much. We had a great time. My best form tutor, Ms Oates. Rest in peace. Love Dion xx

From Sharon Fields

I have been very moved by this website and felt I had to post a comment. I read about Kathryn's illness and untimely death in a local newspaper. I too, like Mandy Middleton, lived on Low Road, the road below Kathryn's house and also went to the same school as Kathryn and her sister. I can remember going to her house to play when I was a child during the late 1970's and ealy 1980's. I can't really remember all the stuff we got up to but I know we always had a great time. Kathryn was a kind and gentle girl and even though I haven't seen her for a long time I will always remember her. Although her life was cut short it sounds like while she was here she lived life to the full and the photographs on the website are a fantastic example of this. She will be sadly missed.

Love Sharon xx

From Keith Whatlin

I remember Kathryn well; I, along with Jim Ford,taught her in my 6th form Art group. I was shocked when I heard of her illness from Louise Webster, and saddened when Louise sent on the cutting from the Star.
I always smile when I think of Kathryn and Lindsay walking round school in their black gowns (seem to remember where they came from too!), and admired the way they rose above the comments and snipes from other pupils. She truly was an individual. I still have a photo of her, Lindsay and Jim at the school Summer Fair!
Sleep well Kathryn.

From Julie Aquilina

Unfortunately I only came to know Kathryn through sharing a common bond, the same illness and we corresponded by email on a few occasions. Through these, and through the beautiful slideshow, Kathryn has emerged to me as a stong, beuatiful,unique person who's life was taken far too early. She will never be forgotten. Her passing has really moved me, being only a few years younger than myself. God Bless you Kathryn and may Sumit find some peace in your memories.

Julie Aquilina
Sydney, Australia

ACOR Listsister
OVCA Chat Forum

From Margaret Porter

Having looked at the all the photos and their comments I feel I know Kathryn all the more. Having worked with her at Northolt High School I admired her ability for plain speaking or as we Northerners put it "Saying it like it is". I find that I grew up all but 20 miles from Kathryn and shared many of her passions - Kathryn did not really have hobbies and pastimes they were passions! I miss her as a friend and a colleague.

From Kate Hansen

I never knew Kathryn, but was heartbroken to hear of the death of someone so young. Her husband's loving tribute touched my heart. She seemed like such a facinating and vibrant individual. All my best to Sumit, and the rest of her family in this tough time.

From Mary L

Much to soon to finish your race dear Kathryn You were so courageous in sharing your thoughts with us, a very special list sister. My deepest condolences to her husband & family

From Michele T

I am so sorry to hear that Kathryn finished the race, much too young, much too soon. She was always supportive of our list sisters (EOTP) and was very honest in expressing her feelings about how cancer affected her. To Kathryn's dh Sumit, I send you my deepest condolences and thank you for letting us know about the link to the beautiful website in honor of Kathryn. It was wonderful to see the pictures of her and read the tributes to her. I felt I got to know her a little better through your eyes. I wish you peace.

From Manoj Kumar

Wat can i say???

I'm in no way related to Kathryn or her family or her frdz... I jus read about her here right NOW... but her story moved me a lot... My hats-off to Sumit for working on such a beautiful website that is now taking Kathryn to greater heights... For me, I didnt knew her until dis morning and she has jus NOW came in to d earth...

I'll definitely bookmark dis website

May u rest in peace, Kathryn !!!


From Kevin Sparrow

I used to live in the same house as Kathryn back in 1990/1992, whilst she was studying Fine Art at Newport. She lived on the top floor flat in Kensington Place with her then boyfriend, Paul. It was here that she bought her Rabbit, Heidi who was kept in the back garden (such a nice pic on Flickr). I remember Kathryn most fondly; her red hair, her (almost) Victorian/Gothic dress, her intellect, and most important of all, her friendship. 6 Kensington Place was a large house full of bedsits and mini-flats. I befriended both Kath and Paul (or rather they befriended me) whilst I was living there. Being pretty uneducated at that time (I was 19), they both really taught me a lot about culture, art, film and books. It was really from Kathryn that I gained enough confidence in my life to quit my then crappy factory assembly job and go to college to study Sociology and English Literature. Eventually, from doing this I ended up with a place in Swansea University to study Sociology and Social History. At a fundemental base level, the spark for my subsequent evolution can really only be attributed to the respect I had for Kathryn Oates.

Other things I remember: I remember driving with Kath and Paul when we visited both Twmbarlwm hill fort & Caerwent Roman remains; Paul had just passed his driving test and Kath was telling him off for bad driving!
I also remember watching Roger Cormans 'The Masque of the Red Death' in their small flatlet. This film then became a cult film for me. I also started reading copious amounts of Edgar Allan Poe!
Talking to Kath late one night about the wolf-boy (the boy who was brought up by wolves), which I then went on to study in Sociology.

Well, there are so many other now very valuable memories. Some not so good as well, and some major, major regrets I now have. Kath was always one person I intended to seek out in the future. Finding this website really took a lot to take in, as you can imagine. Most utterly, utterly distressing.

In the greatest memory to someone who was a born Angel.

Kevin Sparrow,
South Wales.

From Cliff Chung

I only learned recently about what happenned to Mrs Oates. She was my DT teacher in my last year at Northolt back in 04. To be honest I hardly attended school back then and when i found out what happenned to her, I felt deeply saddened and guilty that I should of made much more of an effort to go in and realise what a wonderfull person she was. I will remember her as a really funny teacher because she knew how to make me laugh on a different level to that of her colleauges, and a very down to earth person who was truthfully honest and very creative. After reading some of the tributes, and checking out the slidshow its clear that she was a very strong person who lived a rich exciting life and was loved by many especially her husband. My thoughts are with her and her family. It seems so unfair what happenned to her, and extremly sad. Rest in peace x.

From MarionC

Tracey and Sumit, I have just read your wonderful tributes to dear Kathryn. How tragic it is that such a loving, vibrant, caring person has been snatched away and at such an early age. I "knew" Kathryn only through Eyes on the Prize, and it is a shame that our paths did not cross in person. I am sure that I would have beem greatly enriched by knowing her.
Mt. Laurel, NJ

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